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"Up until eight weeks I was a depressed, withdrawn chronic pain patient who was losing all interest in life. My chronic pain had been an unwanted friend since September 2000 and things were spiraling downwards. Minimally invasive neurosurgery from L2-5 in March 2003 proved unsuccessful as did subsequent orthopedic back surgery in October 2005.

Eight weeks ago I was lucky enough to be accepted to the Functional Restoration Program at the Orange County Pain and Wellness Center. And so my new journey began! I was a mess at the start of this interdisciplinary pain management program. For me it was 6-8 weeks of getting up at 6:30 am and home by 5 pm. This was pretty dramatic for someone who stayed in bed until 11 am and back in again at 4 pm. But no amount of sleep and pain medication could rid me of my unwanted pain.

Fast forward and I am now a new person with less pain, on less pain medication, a new energy level and a new focus for me. Activity, exercise, socialization and fun are part of my daily routine. The incredible, professional staff here has gone above and beyond to provide me with a supportive environment to assist with my success. This program was an answer to my prayers."

"It is hard- nearly impossible- to put into words what the FRP has done for me. Before FRP, my life consisted of my four walls, pain medication, TV, isolation, and occasionally sleep. I was leading a painfully dull, sad, and unbalanced life. if you could even call that a life. I was depressed and completely unhappy.

Then, my doctor recommended FRP. It sounded great but seemed like a lot of effort and commitment on my part. It was so worth it! Honestly, the hardest part was to show up on the first day, but I was immediately surrounded by patients and staff who knew what it is like to live with chronic pain. FRP helped me to change in so many ways. Not only was I was to decrease my medication, but I was able to get off opiates altogether! I am also very active in the gym- I was too scared to do anything physical before. Most importantly of all, I am happy. I look forward to all the possibilities of my future.

I can't thank all the staff, doctors, and the other patients enough. I am a whole new person. FRP was not here to take away all my pain, up to this point, nobody has been able to do that. But FRP has taught me how to handle my pain, on my terms, and how to not let it control my life. The pain is not who I am, it is just a small part of me and now I am able to put it in its place. I am so much more than my pain. Thank you doctors, staff, and all my new friends. I am alive again!"

"When I came here to the FRP, I honestly felt like my life was not going to get any better. The pain was keeping me in bed most of my days and I could barely do the simple things in life. I was using a walker and trying to get by the best way I could.

The first week was soooo hard, I was tired and in a lot of pain. However, the thing that kept me going (besides you guys), I met someone who was going through the same thing that I had been going through. Someone who understood the pain, the loss, the sadness, and the feelings of hopelessness. We soon bonded in FRP and struggled through it together, with you help.

Here I am at the end of the program, and I am getting around with no walker. I can walk on the treadmill for almost an hour and I can do wall squats (never thought that would happen)! So much has improved. I may not be 100% out of pain but I have learned how to cope with it much better than if I had never done the program. I know what to do if my pain flares up. I feel I can handle things with the tools that I have learned here at the FRP and I need to thank all of you for helping me through the roughest time in my life."

"To make a very long story short, I have had 12 surgeries from my neck down to my toes. With one of my total hip replacements, something didn't go right. I ended up with nerve damage, drop foot, and my right leg is 5/8 of an inch longer than my left. No one could give me any answers to my questions. I was taking 18 pills throughout the day. I was so depressed, angry, couldn’t sleep and still felt pain.

When I started FRP, I walked with a limp and my right foot dragged. Now, my gait is so much better and my confidence has improved. Within a few weeks, I was getting up and down from the floor. At the beginning of the program, I rode the bike for five minutes. Now I can ride it for 40 minutes! My treadmill speed was .5 for five minutes and my right foot would start dragging. My lower extremities were all very weak. My goal was to walk one mile, and by the end of the program I exceeded my own expectations and walked two miles! I also reduced or discontinue a lot of the medications I was taking.

Leaving Orange County Pain and Wellness was hard to do. I love the staff and my peers; they are all treasures that I will take with me. Everyone here helped me with my journey. The breathing, Yoga, and exercise are all helpful and I will continue to use the skills I learned here."



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