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Our multidisciplinary team provides integrated care targeted toward specific functional and psychosocial goals for each patient. Weekly formal team meetings and daily informal team physician-patient interactions help maintain a thoughtful structure to the program and allow flexibility for the individual learning process. We accept only those patients who appear motivated and who we believe will be successful. In the event that full participation is not being realized, we identify perceived barriers to full participation and provide the patient with assistance needed to overcome these barriers. In the event that this is not achieved, we proceed to early discharge in a non-judgmental manner with recommendations for continued medical care.

Research consistently indicates that a multidisciplinary treatment approach is the most effective way to address the complex problem of chronic pain. At Orange County Pain and Wellness we use Multidisciplinary treatment teams to assess and treat chronic pain. Working closely with your pain management physician members of your team work together in a coordinated manner to provide explore all treatment options that may be right for you.

Our goal is to treat the whole person, recognizing that pain and disability affect all aspects of a person's life. Each patient enrolled in the program participates in structured daily activities and receives individual case management, including the following features and services as needed.


Functional Restoration (FRP)

Functional restoration is an interdisciplinary group process of education, psychotherapy, and physical reconditioning through exercise and functional activities.

The process results in reformation of neuromuscular, sensory and cognitive patterns that influence the individual patient's thinking, perception and physical response to pain.

An individualized care plan provides each patient with a "tool kit" of methods to manage chronic pain and return to a productive lifestyle. An integrated interdisciplinary treatment model has been shown to be superior to physical therapy and psychotherapy provided separately in terms of functional and emotional gains.

The functional restoration program meets five days a week for group-oriented education and individualized exercise. A typical day involves participation in six activities including physical conditioning which consists of strength/endurance training in the morning and working on improving the patient's ability to perform ADL's in the afternoon.

Patient's also attend group education and counseling with our psychologist, vocational counseling, medical follow up and education in general health, nutrition and holistic healing methods. There is a lunch break as well as two short breaks throughout the day.

Patient functional progress and program participation is reevaluated weekly at our interdisciplinary team conferences. Case managers and claims adjusters are welcome to attend in person or by teleconference.


Medication Management

Our program is designed for people living with chronic pain who have received treatment that has included the use of addictive pain medications. The purpose of the program is to find a better way to manage pain and avoid potential problems such as relapse or increased use of pain medication.

The primary goal of the program is to learn various skills that will support the client in developing an effective pain management program while at the same time avoiding addiction or a destructive pattern of relapse. Relapse includes ineffective pain management behaviors and/or abuse of inappropriate pain medication.

While total abstinence from additive pain medication (including alcohol) is the ultimate goal, the program recognizes that a percentage of cases continue to need medications to alleviate pain, but at significantly lower levels.

Physical Therapy
And Functional Education

Based on a comprehensive physical assessment performed at intake and updated ongoing, patients are provided with individualized physical therapy retraining leading them in strength and endurance training, muscle toning, core stabilization, and cardiovascular exercises such as treadmill and bike.

In addition, through user-friendly interactive lessons on anatomy, physiology and body mechanics physical therapists guide patients in increasing their body awareness and proprioceptive intelligence thereby educating the differentiation of pain from injury, reducing pain behaviors and associated fear of re-injury.

Physical Therapy addresses physical impairments such as weakness, limited range of motion, poor endurance, and poor balance. Strengthening, stretching, mild cardiovascular work, patient education, and other active exercises are incorporated to train patients with an increased independence with Activities of daily living.

The end result is increased function with everyday activities so that it is easier for patients to walk further, stand and sit in good posture, lift and carry with good body mechanics, and perform household duties with less pain and a greater independence.


Psychological Counseling
Group and Individual Setting Available

At Orange County Pain and Wellness you will receive a comprehensive psychological evaluation, a clear holistic psychological treatment plan tailored to your specific needs, and strategic sessions or lectures utilizing the most up-to-date evidence-based approaches to turn your life around in order to:

  • Regain control over your day to day to life,
  • Learn non-pharmacological techniques to control and reduce your pain,
  • Clarify and implement short and long term goals for yourself and your family,
  • Enjoy more fulfilling and loving connections,
  • Reign in on feelings of anger, frustration, sadness, rage, and hopelessness,
  • Make peace with the often irreversible changes and limitations on your life, and
  • Guide you in recovering your central role within your family.
In a dynamic and interactive format Orange County Pain and Wellness Psychological Counseling Services provide comprehensive psychological interventions developed with the singular goal of helping you become whole again. You will learn how to break out of the self-propelling cycle of pain, depression, loss, and fear and come alive, reclaiming the quality of life and future of hope.

Art Therapy

The arts open us to our innate creativity, a higher consciousness and a stronger connection with community. When people living with chronic pain can access these “languages of the soul” in a supportive group environment, they begin to move away from feelings of isolation, hopelessness, fear, sadness and anger, and open up to self-acceptance, understanding, gratitude and a deep sense of well-being.

Their chronic pain moves into the background and their imagination stretches them into new possibilities and new directions.

Patients learn to trust themselves in the process of creating: with its insistence on letting go of control and surrendering to the wonderful state of flow that brings centering, joy, self-confidence and peace.


Wellness Therapy

Yoga is a universal, non-religious practice used to experience peace and harmony and is a vital compliment to your primary treatment plan. In Yoga Therapy you will learn personalized yoga techniques, breathing exercises, visualization, and meditation to empower yourself towards optimum health.

Yoga Therapy is a healthy path and complementary to your primary treatment program, that will cultivate wellness from pain and restrictions due to injury, illness or neglect. Yoga Therapy begins with breathing and relaxation techniques. Then we identify imbalances and build physical strength so that you can return to balance with optimum health and harmony.

These techniques and practices help focus your minds attention on your breath cultivating loving kindness and compassion, even during a pain flare up. Recognizing that the mind and body are integrated and that one cannot separate one from the other, yoga and meditation are techniques that has been used throughout history to calm the mind as well as being able to decrease blood pressure and relax muscles.

Severe pain leaves you with fear of re-injury. The goal of Yoga Therapy is to gradually rebuild your confidence from a physical, emotional and intellectual foundation. The results often include improved posture, more realistic self-care goals, use of non-drug techniques to manage pain during a flare up, and even a new sleep routine.



Transitional Step Down (TSD)

The Transitional Step-Down program is an interdisciplinary goal oriented program designed specifically for FRP graduates that reinforces and strengthens the coping skills that they attained in the Functional Restoration Program. The TSD is geared to maximize functional independence and self management of long term goals. The patients are supported as they face specific challenges during the transition from the full time FRP to managing their pain independently in their day to day lives. The TSD consists of individualized sessions in which patients participate in psychotherapy, functional building sessions, and meet with a Pain Management specialist to ensure appropriate medication compliance as outlined in the discharge summary.

The TSD program is an opportunity to address specific challenges that the graduates face while attempting to maintain the gains that they made during the FRP and it is an opportunity to bridge the gap of communication between Orange County Pain and Wellness, the primary treating physician and the insurance carrier to ensure sustainable long term positive outcomes.


Additional Services

Additional services upon need:

  • Nutritional counseling
  • Vocational counseling
  • Guest lectures
  • After Care


Orange County Pain and Wellness is affilated with the Newport Beach Headache and Pain Center- offering a full spectrum of care specializing in the treatment of:

  • Back pain and neck pain
  • Trigeminal nerve pain
  • Reflex sympathetic dystrophy
  • Complex regional pain syndrome
  • Headaches and migranes



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